Remember yesterday, when I re-capped the week in a colourful hey-i’m-finally-learning-to-play-with-photoshop post?

Here we are today and already a whole new post is required to catch-up on what’s happened since the last one. Today has been a day of, shall we say, Events and Contrasts.

It has included, so far, in only partly particular order:

  • needing to get up quite early (even allowing for extra hour’s sleep afforded by the end of daylight saving) because of errands and stuff
  • emptying in the fridge
  • doing a pleasing and thorough grocery shop
  • putting a big dent into the front bumper of my car by driving into my front gate instead of, you know, the driveway I drive into every day
  • thankfully only denting the plastic bumper and not breaking any lights or panel work
  • seeing my cousin off at the airport
  • my cousin, miraculously, not leaving anything behind (this is completely unheard of)
  • my football team blowing a gigantic lead and losing heartbreakingly
  • a nap
  • cleaning the house top to bottom including mopping the floors (this last point being relevant because it’s a miracle equal to my cousin not leaving anything behind, but also because of other events that will be revealed in a moment)
  • going out a second time for the groceries I forgot
  • managing to drive safely into the actual driveway
  • several loads of washing
  • discovering that having not washed clothes for more than two weeks I still had not made a dent in the ‘good’ underwear supply, but had run out of hoodies
  • getting all the towels dry before the rain started
  • putting the char siu pork in to marinate
  • undertaking the semi-regular roasting of the almost dead tomatoes and chilies ritual (later to be pulverised and turned into sauce)
  • making a variation on this recipe from Lucy of the Design Files (such variation being, of course, almondless)
  • the house being subject to a sudden (though expected) storm with rain so heavy that it leaked through the exhaust fan in the toilet which it only does when the rain is very heavy at a certain angle
  • such leaking ruining, of course, the only recently and miraculously mopped toilet floor (bastard!)
  • going out in the pouring rain, getting out the ladder, and cleaning out the gutters because it’s the easiest way to see I’ve done them properly but also because they were rapidly overflowing despite being recently cleared, for which I blame the lack of recent rain which has resulted in a lot of dry leaves dropping from the nearby trees
  • adding ‘get the quote to replace the gutters’ on to the list of things I absolutely must do this week no matter how busy I am, together with ‘book the bloody car in for a service and perhaps now some panel work’ and ‘get a quote to replace the security doors’, noting all these things have been on The List for weeks, but The List is now written in red

…And t now it is 5pm.

And I’m going to have a tumbler full of wine.




*Face palm*


This is not me. This is in fact Natalie Portman (some years ago, I suspect). But see what she’s doing there? With her hand, on her face?

I’m fairly sure that’s what I’m doing about 95% of the time I’m at my desk during the day if I’m not typing.

Well, that, or more frequently, this:


Generally it’s completely unconscious. But then I catch myself. Today I noticed I was doing it. Reading an email or document or something with my hand half over my face. Again.

As such it takes approximately an hour in the office in the morning for me to have unintentionally removed most of the make-up from my face. In the past that perhaps wasn’t such a problem. But I’m older now. You know, 40, and all. The make-up matters more. The lack of the make-up is noticeable.

Which is not to say that I turned 40 and suddenly decided I was full of flaws and old skin and in desperate need to a face full of slap. Not at all.

I do notice it though. There’s a ruddiness that never used to be there, and a marked tendency to oily shine that is unappealing and has me reaching for the powder much more than I ever used to.

I don’t wear a tonne of make-up; a little concealer, a light-weight foundation, some eye-liner, mascara and lipstick. Occasionally I splash out on eye shadow and blush depending on my mood. But when I’ve unintentionally wiped half of that away just by sitting at my desk working, it’s rather annoying. I’ve tried a couple of different foundations and powders over the last year and it’s always the same. Gone quickly.

Wrinkle-wise I think I’m doing pretty well. I suspect having never smoked or tanned has probably helped with that. There’s only one bit that I focus on as really aging. It seems unfightable, and I feel it as well as see it, and I suspect the hand on face pose contributes. This version of the hand on face pose:


See that mid-brow crease? That grumpy-face frown line? Mine’s a crevasse. Makes me look angry even when I’m not. Makes me occasionally think botox wouldn’t be such a bad thing. I’d love to be able to iron that thing out.

I have no choice but to conclude that concentration is making me look old. Because of the lines, because of my regular use of hand as make-up remover.

So it turns out I do have a non-time-consuming almost-resolution for this year: pay attention and quit sitting with my hand on my face and a concentration divot in my forehead.

The Trouble With Resolutions

Over the last couple of weeks I have been giving thought, inevitably, to things I might want to do, or not do, or do differently, in 2013.

My not quite resolutions in the last few years have worked relatively well, so why not think about adding something or other to the list?

I have thought of any number of things I’d like to do more of this year. And really not many that I’d like to do less of. Which leads to a problem, and, likely, inertia.

Everything I want to do requires time. More time. More hours in the day, more days in the week. Time I don’t have and cannot see a way of conjuring in any significant quantities.

So, by default, my semi-sort-of-not-official resolution for 2013 is to find more time. And then use it to read more or go to the movies or write more or cook more or spend with friends or entertain or spend with family or go to the holiday house or do many of those things at once.

Or, in the alternative, to find a Tardis.