Spanish Lamb Meatballs

I’m bad at following recipes. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before. I fine at making up recipes, but what that leads to is me cooking variations on the same thing over and over because I know, in general terms, what goes with what.

I am, however, determined to broaden that. I have all these great recipe books I never look at, not to mention all those recipes in the paper and magazines and online. So I’m trying to make one new thing a week. And in doing so I’m trying to resist the urge to play with the recipe.

This week I succeeded and failed.

I came across these two recipes on the new Good Food site from The Age. I love Frank Camorra’s MoVida and have been known to semi-regularly stop by MoVida Aqui on my way home from work for Calamari Rolls, Anchovies and gin & tonics, and the recipes were quite appealing.

I started with the lamb, as I had minced lamb to hand, but being the beginning of the new year and being in a state of previous overindulgence and rapidly approaching visiting New York, I wasn’t really in the mood for pastry. So I was already looking to tinker with the recipe. But it seemed to me that the filling for the sausage rolls would work just as well as meatballs.

And so it was.

I took the exact recipe and made meatballs. Go over there are check it out, it’s easy and tasty:

Meatballs - Raw

Meatballs - Seared

I knew, however, that in the absence of pastry, they’d need something else. So I made the most basic of tomato sauces. A little olive oil, onion, garlic, tomato, pepper and salt; cooked for a while:

Tomato sauce

I then put the two together, being very careful not to overcook the lamb:


Then I served with some couscous:


And, of course, gin & tonic(s):


It was delicious. And I learned a new recipe that I’ll try with the pastry at some time later when I’m not trying to shed a couple of extra holiday kilos.

(The lamb recipe makes enough for 4. I ate 1 serve, kept 1 as leftovers, and froze the balance of the uncooked meatballs for later = single person food.)