If I Were A Buyer…

…I’d have been ordering these looks from New York Fashion Week (Fall 2013) to stock my fantasy boutique.

Note: this does not mean I’d be willing to wear many of these (even if I was capable of doing so), just that I’d stock them. Though a number, certainly, I would be adding to my wardrobe in an instant if I had sufficient disposable income (I don’t). And a few, here and there, I’ll be keeping an eye out for later in the year and adding to my closet.

Shoe Gush

Beware, Shoe Gushing ahead.

Meet my new favourite shoes:

While I have a far greater number of high heels and mega high heels than I should given my Old Lady Foot, the practicalities do mean that flats are very important to me.

I’m always looking for pairs that are dainty rather than clunky, cushioned but not geratric, and which, most importantly, have soft a heel that doesn’t rub or cut into the back of my foot.

I have a few good pairs. However several of those good pairs were significantly expensive. Even I cannot justify an entire wardrobe of Marc Jacobs and Lanvin flats, no matter how comfortable they are.

Enter my new favourite flats from Yosi Samra.

They’re super soft and well cushioned. They do not rub. They are like wearing slippers.

And, best for someone like me who likes to wear heels but cannot do so for long periods of time, they have a split sole and fold in half and come with their own pouch.

They’re handbag shoes.

They are well made but at around $60 a pop, not crazy expensive.

I already have them in grey, and red suede. You can get them from Shopbop.

Gushing over now. For now.

Backing Away from the Animal Print

I rather like a good animal print.

I actually think leopard print should be a wardrobe staple. Provided it’s not in legging form, of course:

There is no excuse, ever, for animal print leggings. None.

Too many cases of (leopard print) tights are not pants should not condemn an otherwise versatile family of prints though.

For example, I have a pair of leopard print ballet flats (which I really must replace because, technically, the soles are cracked in two and have no grip whatsoever), which are extremely versatile. Wear the simplest black dress, or jeans and a t-shirt, and add leopard print flats and you don’t need anything else.

I also have a double-sided black and grey scarf/wrap thingy that has zebra stripes on one side and leopard spots on the other, but in muted tones. Again, goes with virtually anything. Kept me warm in my sub-zero office all winter.

I have a leopard print blouse a bought from Zara a few years ago that is great with jeans. Again, suddenly it looks like I’m making outfit effort when really I am making none at all.

And I have this Camilla and Marc dress, which I resisted buying until it went on sale in a big feat of will power given I liked in immediately I saw it.

That, however, is enough.

I was wandering through Zara the other day just to see if there was anything I might want that was on sale, even though I had already banned myself from buying anything else because I went a little crazy in the sales over the previous few days. As I was wandering I ventured into the ‘new season’ section, just to see what was coming, and was a little surprised to see that it was once again filled with animal prints. For example:

As much as I like them, in the right circumstances, haven’t we done animal prints several seasons in a row now? Isn’t it time to give the poor nylon leopards a rest?

Apparently not.

I’m not buying anymore though. No matter how tempting. No matter how filled the stores are.

None of us want to risk becoming addicted. Which has been known to happen…



The Maxi Dress Temptation

The older I get, the fewer Fashion Rules I comply with without question.

I still abide by the classics like ‘tights are not pants’ and ‘no “flesh” toned stockings with open-toed shoes’ but given in the past I also had a rule about not wearing dresses because they didn’t suit me, these things are made to be ignored or at least readdressed from time to time.

And yet, I know that there still need to be guidelines. The ones to do with fundamentals like body shape and age and lifestyle. Some of the guidelines are easy to follow; I don’t like my arms so I am very, very rarely tempted by anything sleeveless. And I have broad shoulders, so the combination of those two means I don’t even look at anything strapless. Easy.

I have also known for a long time that the best skirt/dress length for me is the same as for virtually everyone else, knee-length, or just above or below. Aside from full-on formal wear, with the highest of heels and the big glamour, I shouldn’t really be looking at long skirts or maxi dresses.

Maxi dresses can look great. On people who are tall and thin, or small and petite. On people who do not have curves. I am average and average and have curves. A long dress without the accommpanying mega-heels etc makes me look shorter and wider than I am. And overwhelmed in fabric. I know this.

And yet my eye keeps getting drawn. I keep getting tempted.

See, there’s this one:

And then there’s this one:

And this one:

That one being even worse because it’s got more than a hint of whimsy, and I do not do whimsy. Let’s face it, this is almost Picnic At Hanging Rock. So it’s both outside the guidelines and outside my general taste.

And yet I keep putting them into my Shopbop shopping cart and taking them out again wondering what I’m thinking.

I don’t even have anywhere to wear one of these dresses. Seriously, where? I can wear essentially whatever I want to work, but can I picture myself in the office in a floor length dress? No, I cannot. Going out to dinner? Probably not.

I know all of these things. And yet I am continually having to tell myself to back away from the maxi dresses. Back away. Take them out of the cart. Take them off the Wish List so that I’m not tempted, again, when they come on sale.

Break the Fashion Rules, but stick with the guidelines. They’re there for a reason. They make sense. I know this.

Then again, maybe I should try just one, just to see…