With Events approaching over the next couple of weeks, I feel I must declare myself and make the following statements, damn the consequences:

1.  I am not into Game of Thrones. I tried, I really did. Not for me. I respect your obsession, but leave me out of it.


2.  I do not like hot cross buns.

3.  I gave up on Dr Who halfway through season 6 (season 236?) and deleted it off my IQ.

3a.  BUT, I came back to the Dr Who Christmas Special last year (thanks Frey) and am now much looking forward to series 7b.

4.  I much prefer Cadbury honeycomb Easter eggs to Haigh’s, Lindt or any vaguely ‘decent’ chocolate.


5.  Cadbury Creme Eggs are disgusting.

And there we have it.