Shoe Gush

Beware, Shoe Gushing ahead.

Meet my new favourite shoes:

While I have a far greater number of high heels and mega high heels than I should given my Old Lady Foot, the practicalities do mean that flats are very important to me.

I’m always looking for pairs that are dainty rather than clunky, cushioned but not geratric, and which, most importantly, have soft a heel that doesn’t rub or cut into the back of my foot.

I have a few good pairs. However several of those good pairs were significantly expensive. Even I cannot justify an entire wardrobe of Marc Jacobs and Lanvin flats, no matter how comfortable they are.

Enter my new favourite flats from Yosi Samra.

They’re super soft and well cushioned. They do not rub. They are like wearing slippers.

And, best for someone like me who likes to wear heels but cannot do so for long periods of time, they have a split sole and fold in half and come with their own pouch.

They’re handbag shoes.

They are well made but at around $60 a pop, not crazy expensive.

I already have them in grey, and red suede. You can get them from Shopbop.

Gushing over now. For now.